Brownsburg Middle

School Choir

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We are so excited about our upcoming 8th grade Choir musical, Annie Jr.

Performances, Nov. 1, 2, 3

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Cast in order of appearance:

The Lovely Boylan Sisters/NYC Dwellers: Alexandra Quesada, Sabrina Hutchison, Lauren Szanti

Molly: Grace Bay

Kate: Azure Brooks

Tessie: Anna Mae Fischer

Pepper: Emily Reid

July: Avery Terry

Duffy: Talaya Brown

Other Orphans: Rylie Knobel, Kirah Knobel, Joyce Carrero, Olivia Johnson, MacKenzie Dehn, Talia Patton

Annie: Sydney Vaught

Miss Hannigan: Ava Poat

Bundles McCloskey: Wilson Devis

Apple Seller: Madeline Ambler

Dog Catchers: Jasiel Rodriguez, Lizzie Williams

Officer Ward: Brady Harris

Grace Farrell: Grace Pearcy

Drake: Jeremy Blessing

Cecille: Hannah Martin

Annette: Elise Hartsell

Mrs. Greer: Annie Esterline

Mrs. Pugh: Ella Burton

Warbucks Mansion Servants: Sarah Morton, Ava Allen, Jenna Strickland, Halle Gustrowsky, Margaret Falcon, Quinci Thomas

Oliver Warbucks: Aiden Courtney

Chauffeur: Aubrynn Riggle

Usherette: Cathlynn Hill

Rooster: Adam Isenhour

Lily: Reese Langhorn

Bert Healey: Luke Petre

Sound Effects Man: Kamari Pitts

President Roosevelt: Aiden Spoor

Louis Howe: TJ Wilson

Policeman: Mark Ober

NYC Apartment Woman: Sarah Carroll

Star-to-be: Camryn O’Brien

Radio Announcer: Julia Neville

NYC Children/Mothers: Jaila Murphy and Mauria Long, Alena Weaver and Cadence Vernick

Peddlers/NYC Dwellers

Emma Rhine

Cathlynn Harrington

Ava Perrin

Josie Hess

Jessica Lay

Kenzie Helmholz

Oliva Fosnight

Ashlynn Stout

Grace Miller

Chelsea Walkup

Jojo Wuestefeld