Brownsburg Middle

School Choir

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We are so excited about our upcoming 8th grade Choir musical, Aladdin Jr.

Performances, Nov. 7, 8, 9 @ East Middle School

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Aladdin Jr. Call Back List

Congratulations to ALL students who auditioned! That took some courage and we are so proud of you!

*Students listed below should plan to attend our Call Backs on Tuesday, August 20 and Wednesday, August 21 at 6:30 am in the choir room at East Middle School. Enter Door #20. A Shuttle bus will be available for students who attend West Middle School to get to their first class on time. Come prepared to perform your script and songs again and also to be flexible with trying new things. We are testing your ability to work outside your comfort zone and work with other people!

*Students who auditioned but do not see their names listed below, don’t fret! We will still have a part for you and we want you to be part of the show! The final cast list will be posted by Friday, August, 23 at the end of the school day. Don’t forget to check for your name on the Cast List even if you aren't listed below!

Abbott, Kadence

Allison, Olivia

Bard, Abby

Bacon, Jade

Bacon, Paxton

Benson, Nyla

Bravo, Pilar

Byrd, Georgia Rae

Carmack, Mariah

Cash, Jillian

Chambers, Ella

Cox, Cameron

Coyne, Emma

Crawford, Baylei

Criscilles, Brianna

Curtis, Fiona

Curts, Isaac

Dottenwhy, Logan

Earl, Dylan

Eaton, Audrey

Enders, Cory

Fillinger, Kara

Hartley, Madi

Hines, Carter

Kingery, Marie

Prokes, Evelyn

Kendrick, Nathan

Knox, Shekinah

Maupin, Taylor

McKean, Aiden

Nelson, Sam

Ogle, Olivia

O'Meara, Grant

Overmars, Athena

Perez, Christian

Steckel, Kaden

Williams, Arianna

Williams, Luke

Wilson, Kaela

Zaffarano, Angelique